The Hopper Trails

– The Hopper Trails –
Hopper Brook Loop – easy, 3/4 miles, 45 minutes, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing.
Haley Farm Trail – strenuous, 1.5 mile, 2 1/2 hours, hiking

The Hopper Trails

The Hopper Brook Loop and Haley Farm Trail begin at the eastern end of Hopper Road at the western entrance to the Mount Greylock State Reservation. Two miles east of the intersection of Hopper Road with Route 43 (Green River Rd.) is a designated parking area. Farming still continues on the former Haley and Greene farms purchased by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide public access to Mt. Greylock. All trails begin at the gates at the road’s end. The Money Brook and Hopper Trails to the summit also originate here.

Hopper Brook Loop – Easy, ¾ mile, 45 minutes, hiking, snowshoeing and X-C skiing. The trail begins at the end of the north hayfield, going in on the left along a stonewall. The trail goes downhill through an old pasture toward Hopper Brook. The grassy meadow is an inviting resting or picnic area. The trail joins the road near the campsites. To complete the loop, turn uphill on the road.

Haley Farm Trail – Strenuous, 1.5 mile, 2 ½ hours, hiking. The trail crosses a pasture and enters a woods area rich with spring wildflowers. The trail climbs steadily to end at Stony Ledge, offering panoramic views of the Hopper and the Greylock Range. Walk to the east on Sperry Road to where the Hopper Trail intersects on the left for a less steep route back into the Hopper entrance.

Hopper Brook Trails

NOTE: The WRLF partners with the Williams Outing Club (WOC) to maintain and improve Williamstown area trails.
The WRLF is grateful to the WOC for allowing it to use the trail information shown here. For more detailed information on area trails, the WOC Northern Berkshire guide and a full map of all area trails are available. Please contact the WOC or the WRLF for where to find the guide and maps.


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