The Chestnut Trail

– The Chestnut Trail –
Moderate, 1.5 miles, allow 1-1/2 hours for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing

The Chestnut Trail begins at the north end of Chestnut Street, which is located off the north side of North Hoosac Road 0.1 miles west of its intersection with Cole Avenue. . A woods road marked with a cable and a sign welcoming hikers, it is an alternate route to the Pine Cobble summit. The land was donated to the WRLF in 2006. The trail follows the road through a beautiful oak forest to an area of ledges and massive tumbled boulders. Where the Chestnut Trail intersects with the Class of 1998 Trail, turn right to continue to the Pine Cobble Trail. Or turn left to view the ledges and the accompanying mountain laurel display in June.

Chesnut / Pine Cobble Trails

NOTE: The WRLF partners with the Williams Outing Club (WOC) to maintain and improve Williamstown area trails.
The WRLF is grateful to the WOC for allowing it to use the trail information shown here. For more detailed information on area trails, the WOC Northern Berkshire guide and a full map of all area trails are available. Please contact the WOC or the WRLF for where to find the guide and maps.


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